You can dowload a PDF of our programme: Amended Final Programme

Please note there are some changes to this programme from that originally posted.


All times are in GMT:

8.30-8.50 Arrival and Registration

8.50-9.00 Welcome


9.00-10.00  Panel 1: Wonder, Power, and Colonialism

Joshua Fitzgerald (Churchill College, Cambridge)
‘“Things Explode as He Enters”: Marvellous Mesoamerican Props, Percussives, and Performance Places in Spanish Colonial Courtyards’

Holley Ledbetter (University of Michigan) – presented online
‘Embodied Wonder: Automata of the Enslaved in al-Afdal’s Drinking Hall’


10.00-10.30 Refreshment Break


10.30-12.15  Panel 2: Media and Materials in Conversation

Priyanka D’Souza (Pinka PopsicKle) (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
‘The Dragon in Medieval Islamic Iconography—(like your life, all tied up in knots!)’

Stella Wisgrill (University of Cambridge)
‘Marvels of Ingenious Steel: Habsburg Horse Armour in the Fifteenth- Century’

Roseen Giles (Duke University) presented online
‘Images in Counterpoint: Monteverdi and the Marvellous’


12.15 – 13.15 Buffet Lunch


13.15 – 14.00  Guided Tour of Churchill College’s sculpture collection: Wonder, Media, and Modern Art


14.00 – 15.30   Panel 3: Wonder and the Codex: Manuscripts, Catalogues, and Woodcuts

James Wade (Girton College, Cambridge)
‘The occult properties of CUL MS Ff.5.48’

Olin Moctezuma-Burns (University of Cambridge)
‘Entertaining Curiosity in a Paper Cabinet: Cataloguing, Order, and Play in John Tradescant’s Musaeum Tradescantianum

Michelle Oing (Stanford University) – presented online
‘Anticipate, Fulfill, Repeat: Creating Wonder in the Visual Records of German Relic Displays’


15.30 – 15.45 Refreshment Break


15.45 – 16.45   Panel 4: Heaven and Hell

Caitlin Rankin-McCabe (Durham University)
‘From Pageant to Playhouse: Silencing the Stage Angel 1400-1620’

Katharina Strika (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)
‘Katabasis and Remedy in Girolamo Fracastoro’s Syphilitic Epic’


17.00 – 18.00   Keynote Address (pre-recorded)

Anke Bernau, Senior Lecturer in Medieval English Literature (University of Manchester)
‘A Spider’s Touch: The Wonder of Natural Craft’


18.00-19.30 Participants are free to explore the city centre and find dinner in one of Cambridge’s many restaurants.


19.30 for a 19.45 start   ‘In the Shadow of Notre Dame’

A multimodal concert at St Bene’t’s Church, Cambridge, exploring the music of 12th century Notre Dame; organised by Dr Chloë Allison and the interdisciplinary performance collective Marginalia. Full information can be found here: Notre Dame Poster.  Free tickets to the concert (not the conference) can be reserved here.